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GNOSIS PERFUMES - Your nose will know

GNOSIS PERFUMES - Your nose will know

It all started when…

Gnosis Perfumes is a small batch artisan perfume company owned by perfumer Julia Jackson and located in Humboldt County, California. All fragrances use combinations of botanical essential oils and zero synthetic scents. Many customers with fragrances sensitivities are delighted to find Gnosis Perfumes. Merchants can inquire about our products via our contact form. We currently produce solid and roll-on perfume styles and can customize a scents for individuals or business. Gnosis Perfumes also teaches classes on simple (less than 5 ingredients) perfume making.


Award winning…

Gnosis Perfumes’ Taronja solid perfume was awarded a bronze for the “Most Unique” category in 2013 at the Artisan Fragrance Salon.